Pool training sessions

Lido 2017

Coaching Corner

Each week a specific skill will be taught in coaching corner.  These sessions are only 30 minutes long so you get time to go away and practice what you’ve learnt.  The exact skills that are planned to be taught will be detailed at the bottom of this page.  Please speak to Ollie Slater if there is something else you would like to practice.

Sessions will be:

7:30 – 8pm junior coaching

8:00 – 8:30pm adult coaching

Rolling Corner

A chance to gain tips and practice your rolling with other club members.

JPD (junior paddler development)

This coaching is offered to juniors who have already had some paddling experience in the club and are now following an extended training plan including pool and river sessions.  For more  details email


Coaching Corner Programme 2017

4th May  Forward Paddling

11th May  Improving Forward Paddling

18th May  Sweep Strokes

25th May Turning using a bow rudder

1st May  Low bracing and Edging

8th June  How to rescue and be rescued

15th June  Sculling

22nd June  Sculling draw

29th June Turning using a bow rudder

6th July Stern Rudder

13th July Draw stroked

20th July   Rescues

27th July  Low braces