What does the committee do?

Interested in knowing what the members of the committee actually do?  then read on…


The Captain shall preside at all General Meetings of the Club and at all the meetings of the General Committee. He/she shall be responsible for guiding the activities of the Club in accordance with its rules and general policy as expressed by the majority of its members. He/she shall represent the Club at meetings ofother organisations.

In simple term it involves trying to keep the majority of members happy and paddling whilst thinking about what’s best for the long term future of the club


The Honourable Secretary is responsible for the organisation of meetings of the General Committee and of the Club. For each meeting this requires: an Agenda to be produced with cross-references to out-standing actions from previous meetings; minutes including new actions recorded at the meeting and; finalised minutes following review to be published after the meeting. The Hon. Secretary is responsible for maintaining a set of records for all meetings that have taken place; this includes minutes from all sub-committee meetings. The Hon. Secretary is responsible for all external Club communication – covering issues like access agreements; BCU membership and so on.


The Treasurer is responsible for handing and banking all money paid to the Club. They keep up to date financial records, and provide an interim financial report at each committee meeting. Final accounts, including profit and loss statement and balance sheet, are presented for audit at the end of the financial year.
Final accounts for the immediately preceding year, and a financial plan for the coming year, are presented at the AGM. The financial plan is produced with the help and approval of the whole committee.

The treasurer should also monitor club spending, to ensure it is in line with the financial plan, and bring any issues or anomalies to the attention of the committee on a timely basis.

The Treasurer should also ensure that there is a person available to collect monies on the door at indoor and summer pool events, or take on this role themselves if no other volunteer is available.
They should also ensure that signatories to any bank and savings accounts are up to date and appropriate.


The membership secretary is responsible for collecting and processing membership forms. The paper form details are transferred over to electronic format so that they can be maintained. Membership cards are produced from the information provided and a one year membership card is given to each club member shortly after the membership form is received.

The membership secretary is responsible for keeping the membership information secure and for the destruction of that information in accordance with the data protection requirements. These requirements are considered and agreed at committee level.


The Quartermaster looks after all Club equipment, ensuring that it is all fit for purpose. They are responsible for maintenance and repair of kit, ensuring that all equipment is clearly marked with the Club’s name and a serial number. Containers and grounds also need to be kept to an acceptable standard of maintenance and security.

A kit inventory is carried out at least twice a year, and kit valued for insurance purposes.

The Quartermaster maintains the kit booking out system, and should be aware of where kit is, and how long it has been booked for at all times – including chasing club members to return kit!

The Quartermaster also organises the logistics of moving Club kit to and from summer pool sessions.